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The Edable Privacy Notice was last modified on the date shown below. Please contact us if you have any concerns about this notice, how we process your data or how we share data with other data processors.

Privacy Policy Notice


This is the privacy policy notice for users of the website.

The website is owned and controlled by Edable Ltd, a company registered in England and on the ICO Data Protection Register.


We take the privacy of all users of Edable's websites and online services very seriously.

The purpose of this policy is to explain to you how we collect, process, handle and protect your personal information while browsing or using this website, including your rights under current laws and regulations.

By using our website, you are agreeing to allow Edable, as data controller and processor, to collect, store and use your personal information as outlined below. If you do not agree to these provisions, you should immediately terminate your visit to this website and not engage in further activity on this site.


Definitions of key terms used in this policy:

"Personal Data" is data that can be used to identify you such as your name, your email address (if it includes your name), birthday, contact details, location and addresses.

"Cookies" mean small files stored by your web browsers on your computers and other internet enabled devices.

"GDPR" means General Data Protection Act.

"ICO" means Information Commissioner's Office.


Processing of your personal data

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we control and process personal information about you electronically using the lawful bases of "legitimate interest" or "contract" if we are providing a service with defined terms and conditions to you.

We shall continue to process your information while there is a legitimate interest or for the purposes agreed within the terms of a contract.

If, as determined by us, the lawful basis upon which we process your personal information changes, we will notify you about the change and any new lawful basis to be used if required. We shall delete your personal information if the lawful basis used is no longer relevant.


Your rights

Under the GDPR your rights are as follows. You can read more about your rights on the ICO [] website.

  • the right to be informed;
  • the right of access;
  • the right to rectification;
  • the right to erasure;
  • the right to restrict processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • the right to object; and
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

You also have the right to complain to the ICO [] if you feel there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.

We handle subject access requests in accordance with the GDPR.


Internet cookies

This website uses cookies, as almost all websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can. 


Our cookies:

  • Make our website work as you’d expect
  • Improve the speed/security of the site
  • Help us improve our website for you

For example when you agree to allow cookies an e-privacy cookie is created that remembers you have agreed to cookies each time you visit the site.


We do not use our cookies to:

Collect any personally identifiable information (without your express permission)

  • Collect any sensitive information (without your express permission)
  • Pass data we collect to advertising networks
  • Pass personally identifiable data to third parties


Removing our cookies:

We use a cookie control system which allows you to accept the use of cookies created by our website before they are created on first use. We also provide you with the option of removing our cookies from your device at any time. Some cookies will be saved for specific time periods, where others may last indefinitely.

Note that we can only remove the cookies that are created by our website. Your web browser should provide you with the controls to manage and delete any or all cookies from your device, please see your web browser or device security options.


Cookies that may be used when browsing our website:

Like many websites we use Google Analytics to anonymously track how people use our website.

We use anonymous cookies to compile visitor statistics such as how many people have visited our website, what type of technology they are using, how long they spend on the site, what pages they look at, how people reached this site (e.g. from a search engine) and whether they have been here before, etc. This helps us to continuously improve our website.

We never collect or store any identifiable information about our site users, except where they give express permission (for example, by submitting details on registration or other online forms).


Third party cookies:

Our site, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third parties. For example, we embed YouTube videos in some of the content available on our website. Our site includes the following services, some of which may use cookies from third parties:

  • Embedded videos and images
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Learning and training content
  • Mailing and messaging agents
  • Online transactions and payment agents

Information about third party privacy policies and use of cookies can be found on their respective websites. We endeavour to provide relevant links to this third party information on our Third Party Privacy page.


Data security and protection

We ensure the security of any personal information we hold by using secure data storage technologies and procedures in how we access, handle and manage that information. Our methods meet the GDPR compliance requirements.


Newsletter and email subscriptions

Under the GDPR we use the consent lawful basis for anyone subscribing to our newsletters or mailing lists. We only collect limited data about you, typically your email address and reasons for your subscriptions.

Email messages and newsletters may be processed and sent through a third party provider of messaging services. Only data processors that provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures that meet the requirements of the GDPR and this Privacy Policy will be used.

Some Email messages that we send may contain tracking beacons, tracked clickable links or similar server technologies in order to track a recipients interaction with the message. Where used, such messages may record a range of data such as; times, dates, opens, clicks, forwards and location data. Such data will only be used by us to improve the messaging services that we provide.

Any messages we send are in accordance with the GDPR. Where the basis of sending you a message is consent, such as subscribing to one of our newsletters or mailing lists, we provide you with easy methods to withdraw your consent (unsubscribe), for example by managing your user profile and newsletter preferences on the website. Any messages sent through a third party will contain instructions on how to unsubscribe from the messaging or manage your preferences.

We will continue to retain your data and process your information until you withdraw consent or it is determined your consent no longer exists.


Contact us

If you have any queries regarding our data security and protection please contact us.



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